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Yorktown Sailing Charters


Experiencing the Yorktown Sailing Charters in Yorktown, Virginia

If you are planning a vacation in the Williamsburg, Virginia area then you will definitely want to check out the beautiful and fascinating city of Yorktown. Yorktown has a lot of historical significance and is a good place to visit if you want to see recreations of scenes from the Revolutionary War, but it is also a lovely place to spend a day by or on the water. From May to September, one of the biggest attractions in Yorktown are its schooner sailing charters, which give you a chance to view some of the important historic scenes in the area from the water, as well as learn about sailing in revolutionary times, and even see some beautiful wildlife.

There are a few different boat tours offered from Yorktown, which you can find out more about by visiting the official Yorktown sailing charters website at http://www.sailyorktown.com/. You can set sail on a schooner called Alliance which is a 105′ sailing vessel staffed by a crew who can inform and educate you about sailing on the York river in bygone times. Kids can have a pirate adventure on the schooner Serenity, where they get to take a hands on role in the sailing of the ship as well as getting to play at being pirates, complete with (temporary) tattoos, and a chance to fire a real ship’s cannon!

The things you’ll get to see out on the water will vary depending on the season and what is going on at the time, but you may get to spot naval ships or submarines, local watermen hard at work, and even dolphins! You can also just relax and enjoy sailing in the sunshine, with refreshments available from the galleys of the boats and plenty of great vantage points on deck.

Check the website for schedules, departure times and admission fees for the boat tours you are interested in, or alternatively call Yorktown Sailing Charters on (757) 639-1233 or email info@schooneralliance.com