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Williamsburg, Richmond and Tidewater Celtic Organizations

The below organizations are groups that have fun, learn about and celebrate their Celtic heritage.

Scottish Society of Tidewater
The Scottish Society of Tidewater exists to promote the preservation and study of Scottish culture, music, art, history, folklore, dance, literature, athletics and all other things distinctively Scottish among interested persons in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, and to cooperate with like minded persons, groups and organizations here and abroad.

St. Andrew’s Society of Tidewater
The Saint Andrew’s Society of Tidewater Virginia is organized to provide assistance to those of Scottish heritage, encourage and promote the study of the history, traditions and culture of Scotland, and of the influence of immigrant Scots in the development of the United States. They promote the study of Scots and the Scottish tradition and culture in order to perpetuate Scottish traditions and culture.

St. Andrew’s Society of Williamsburg
Formed in 1968, the society provides a social venue for celebration, education and understanding of Scottish-American tradition and heritage. The society works within the Tidewater Region to promote a wide range of activities and events which serve to showcase the rich heritage of the Highland clans.

St. Andrew’s Society of Richmond
The St Andrew’s Society of Richmond Virginia was founded in May of 1995 to preserve Scottish traditions and culture, to promote Scottish events, and to give educational assistance to our local community.

The Capital Scot (DC area)
At The Capital Scot you will find information about Scottish heritage, Scotland and organizations and events of interest to Scots and the Scottish-at-Heart living and working in the Washington, D.C. area.  The Capital Scot provides links to information about Scottish places of interest, Scotland’s history, clans, societies, book reviews, the Reformation in Scotland, the Scottish Literary Forum, a variety of articles, Scottish holidays, and genealogical research.


Scottish Society of the Virginia Highlands
The Scottish Foundation of the Virginia Highlands is a non-profit Scottish heritage and fellowship organization covering Western and South-Central Virginia. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Scottish culture, or is of Scottish/Celtic descent.  The goals of the Foundation are: enjoyment of all aspects of Scottish culture, education and community outreach, and the promotion of awareness of the connection between Appalachian and Scottish culture.

Colonial Terrier Club
The Colonial Terrier Club is an all terrier breed club serving the greater Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Members meet once a month to plan events for club members, fun events for owners and dogs, as well as community service events to help raise awareness for terrier owners, and dog owners in general.

Tidewater Irish-American Society

Police Emerald Society of Tidewater

Scottish-American Military Society