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The Haunted Dinner Theater

If you are looking for a fun way to spend an evening in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, then the Haunted Dinner Theater is a novel way to enjoy a great meal, meet some new people and be entertained.

This family friendly attraction consists of a delicious buffet meal supplied by renowned local restaurant Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant, and an entertaining interactive show complete with special effects and magic tricks. The meal includes 71 items, and while it is largely seafood based, with things like fried shrimp, crab and seafood casserole, there are also other options like BBQ ribs, chicken dishes, steak and macaroni and cheese, so there is something to suit everyone. It is on an “all you can eat” basis, and you get an opportunity to go up and get more food after the first act of the performance!

While the theme of the show is haunting related, it is not intended to be overly scary and is designed to be suitable for all ages, even very young children. Guests are seated in large groups of up to 15 people to give the experience a more interactive and sociable feel, so unless you are attending in a big group you should expect to be sharing the evening with other families and visitors, which can be a good way to make friends, especially for the kids!

There is no dress code for the Haunted Dinner Theater, so you don’t have to worry about getting changed if you want to make an evening of it after a fun packed day at Busch Gardens or one of the other fantastic places to go in the Williamsburg area.

Performances are seasonal, and run from June through to Halloween.

Tickets include the meal and the show, and vary in price depending on the performance you want to see, so it is best to check out the website at http://www.wmbgdinnertheater.com/ for details and to make your reservation. When you book, they don’t issue paper tickets but add you to the guest list on the door, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for or printing out tickets if you plan to go. If you have any queries, you can email haunteddt@yahoo.com, or call them on 757-258-2500. This is also the number for the box office.