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Shirley Plantation in Charles City

35 miles west of historic Williamsburg in Charles City, Virginia lies the beautiful and fascinating Shirley Plantation. While there are a lot of storied plantations you can visit in the Williamsburg area, the Shirley Plantation is somewhat unique in that it was the first plantation in Virginia, and has remained with the same family for eleven generations, meaning it has seen all periods of the region’s history from the first arrivals and the establishment of the settlement at Jamestown in 1607, through American independence being established in 1776, right up to the present day.

Shirley plantation is still a fully operational plantation which is run and worked on by the eleventh generation of the Hill-Carter family, and can be explored by guests daily throughout the year. Guided tours run throughout the day from 9.30am, to the last tour which starts at 4.30pm. The Plantation does occasionally close for private family events, but these dates are always listed well in advance on the website.

Shirley Plantation are really enthusiastic about welcoming guests and sharing their history, and put on many special events throughout the year to make this an even more special place to visit. From special family and wildlife events to seasonal holiday occasions, there is almost always something going on here, so it is good to check out their regularly updated website while you are planning your trip to the Williamsburg area to find out if there is anything special on at the Shirley Plantation at the time. The site is at http://www.shirleyplantation.com/ and you can also contact them on 804-829-5121 or their toll free number 1-800-232-1613.

Special private and group tours can be arranged in advance, and the Shirley Plantation is an ideal place for a field trip or club outing. The site also has a gift shop where you can pick up some great souvenirs and interesting and unique gifts.