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Sherwood Forest Plantation

If you are looking for interesting places to visit in the Williamsburg area of Virginia, then one of significant historical importance is the Sherwood Forest Plantation in Charles City. This was the home of America’s 10th president John Tyler, and he lived here from 1842 until he died in 1862.

John Tyler bought the plantation from his cousin while he was still in office, and chose to give it the name Sherwood Forest in honor of the legendary English outlaw Robin Hood, because he had something of a reputation for being an outlaw politically. It was originally called Smith’s Hundred, and was first recorded in 1616. The house that Tyler lived in, and which is still maintained today, was added to the land in 1720. President Tyler’s wife Julia took a huge interest in the house, and decorated it lavishly with a beautiful collection of art and furniture. She also ordered the building of the ballroom, which at the time made the house the longest in America.

The plantation is still owned by the Tyler family, and maintained by John Tyler’s grandson Harrison Ruffin Tyler. He and his family can often be seen around the grounds or in the house by visiting tourists.

You can tour the grounds of the plantation by yourself by following the self guided tour that takes you to 19 different posts that explain about the history of the grounds and what would have taken place at different parts of the site through history, both in Tyler’s time and before. This tour costs $10 for adults and is free for children under 15. This tour does not grant you access to the house itself, which can only be viewed on a guided tour which you have to book privately. This tour costs $35 per person and is by appointment only. You can arrange one of these tours by leaving a message on their booking line at 804-829-5377. A member of staff will return your call to confirm your booking.

The Sherwood Forest Plantation grounds are open from 9am to 5pm daily, all year round.

For more information about Sherwood Forest Plantation check out the official website at http://www.sherwoodforest.org/.