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Historic Jamestowne in Virginia

About nine miles away from Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is another hugely important historical settlement – Jamestowne. This was the very first English settlement in America, established in 1607 over a decade before the Pilgrims reached Plymouth. Jamestowne was Virginia’s capital in the 17th century, and a lot of the customs and laws observed today, including the use of the English language in America, were established here. Today, the town is preserved, studied and made available for everybody to see by AVPA Virginia and the National Park Service.

You can visit Jamestowne at any time of year, for the low entry price of $10 for adults. It is free for all children on 15 and under. This gets you in to everything at the site, including the visitor center with its educational films and interactive displays, the historic town site, the glasshouse, where professional glass blowers in period costume demonstrate glass blowing techniques that would have been used in Colonial times, and the archaeological site. The site, known as the AVPA Jamestowne Rediscovery excavation is a live dig site where you can talk to archaeologists at work and see them carefully and painstakingly uncover the Jamestowne structures of 1607. There is also a museum here where you can see the hudreds of artifacts that have already been retrieved from the banks of the James River as part of the rediscovery effort.

Your ticket to Jamestowne also includes entry to the Yorktown battlefield site nearby, which you can use up to seven days after purchasing it. If you want to see Colonial Williamsburg too, you can also buy a special ticket that grants you access to all three places. This can be a really good value way to see all of the most significant historical locations in the area, and you can get extra savings by booking this online.

If you want to know more about Jamestowne or plan your visit, take a look at their official website at http://www.historicjamestowne.org/. If you have any queries not answered on the website, you can also get in touch with Jamestowne by calling 757-856-1200.